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UAE Economy Rise: 3% Growth In 2023, 4% In 2024 – What’s Making It Grow?

DATE: 17 Nov, 2023

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is currently riding a wave of economic prosperity, and the future looks exceptionally bright for the country, especially the residential projects in Dubai. Forecasts indicate a robust economic growth rate of 3% for 2023, with expectations of an even more impressive 4% in 2024. 

So, here are the driving forces behind this extraordinary economic boom.

1. Dubai’s Real Estate Will Take The Spotlight

Dubai’s real estate sector is undergoing a transformative journey, becoming more adaptable and responsive to the changing market dynamics. Property developers in Dubai anticipate prices to stabilize due to the surging demand. The significant increase in the issuance of new commercial licenses is a clear indicator of the city’s allure for businesses.

Our Insight: A thriving real estate market is a reflection of economic vibrancy, and Dubai’s real estate sector plays a pivotal role in the UAE’s overall growth story. Hence, we suggest you start looking at property for sale in Dubai for investment purposes.

2. Tourism Will Flourish Again

A significant driver behind the UAE’s thriving economy is its dynamic tourism sector. The UAE is renowned for hosting major international events and has set a bold target to attract 40 million visitors by 2030. Simultaneously, there are ambitious plans to increase the number of hotel rooms to a staggering 250,000 within the same timeframe. An outstanding example of the sector’s potential is Dubai’s achievement in doubling international visitors from 2021 to 2022, showcasing its immense appeal to global travelers.

Our Insight: The UAE’s commitment to becoming a premier tourist destination is underpinned by its investment in infrastructure and attractions. This not only fuels economic growth but also enhances the nation’s global reputation.

3. A Robust Banking Sector

The UAE’s banking sector is standing tall, with profitability expected to surpass pre-pandemic levels. Rising interest rates and the integration of cutting-edge technology are the driving forces behind this impressive growth. Additionally, the UAE’s financial institutions benefit from robust internal capital generation and favorable financing and liquidity conditions.

Our Insight: A resilient banking sector contributes to economic stability, attracting both domestic and international investors, and it is a testament to the UAE’s commitment to financial innovation.

4. Government-Led Initiatives

The cornerstone of this economic boom is the UAE government’s strategic initiatives. These include allowing 100% foreign ownership in over 1,000 commercial and industrial activities, introducing insolvency laws for debt reorganization, and enhancing the nation’s competitiveness to improve ease of doing business. Innovations such as the Golden Residence Visa and Green Residence Visa are set to attract skilled professionals and tourists alike.

Our Insight: Proactive government policies are instrumental in creating a favorable business environment, promoting investment, and facilitating the entry of talent from around the world.

5. Diverse Tourism Offerings

While Dubai and Abu Dhabi continue to be prime destinations for businesses and tourists, other emirates like Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah are actively promoting their tourism sectors. This diversification promises to enrich the country’s tourism offerings and attract a broader range of travelers.

Our Insight: The diversification of tourism offerings not only enhances the UAE’s economic resilience but also fosters a more inclusive and sustainable tourism industry.


The UAE’s economy is on a remarkable trajectory, driven by a thriving tourism sector, a resilient banking industry, a flexible real estate market, and government-led initiatives that foster growth. With a vision of attracting 40 million visitors by 2030, the UAE’s economic ascent is still strong, heralding new opportunities and prosperity for the nation.

The UAE’s commitment to economic diversification, innovation, and global engagement positions it as a leader in the region and a prime destination for businesses and investors alike. This is why the best real estate developer in Dubai, Shapoorji Properties has dedicated itself to building luxury residences that meet global standards and raise the bar for ultra-lux living residences in the region.


What is the growth forecast for the UAE in 2024?

UAE’s real GDP will grow by 4 percent in 2024 according to a forecast by The International Monetary Fund (IMF).

What is the UAE growth strategy?                           

The new growth strategy adopted by the UAE involves a range of initiatives and strategies across various sectors, including energy, agriculture, investment, and sustainable transportation. It is complemented by innovative environmental and urban policies aimed at enhancing the nation’s overall quality of living.

How can the UAE achieve more economic growth?

The UAE can achieve more economic growth by diversifying its economy, investing in technology and innovation, improving education and workforce skills, and fostering a business-friendly environment to attract foreign investment.

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