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The changing landscape of Dubai’s real estate game powered by Women Investors

The changing landscape of Dubai’s real estate game powered by Women Investors

DATE: 18 Aug, 2023

In 2022, Dubai’s real estate industry experienced a significant increase in female involvement. Throughout the past year, a total of 26,698 women investors engaged in 33,419 real estate transactions, collectively valued at more than AED 58.8 billion. These figures indicate a remarkable growth of 50.7 percent in transaction volume and 53 percent in transaction value compared to the statistics of 2021.

Women in Dubai’s Real Estate Market

This surge in women’s involvement in Dubai’s real estate market during 2022, with a remarkable 50.8 percent increase from the previous year according to Dubai Land Department (DLD) data, reflects strongly on the UAE’s commitment to empowering women across the economic and social strata, as highlighted by WAM, the Emirates News Agency.

Dubai’s real estate market is governed by a robust regulatory framework that offers formidable investment protection, giving investors a headache-free investment opportunity. Pair that with the country’s positive economic outlook and consistent resilience to regional and global fluctuations, and you get the catalysts driving women’s participation in the local industry through investments in the property developers in Dubai.

Dubai’s commitment to gender balance shows itself through initiatives such as the UAE Gender Balance Council, which looks to actively elevate women to decision-making roles while encouraging them to engage more in critical economic sectors.

The Dubai Economic Agenda D33, unveiled by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai, recently set forth a new ambitious goal of doubling the emirate’s economy within the next 10 years. Through this agenda, the government recognises women as pivotal to achieving this milestone, highlighting their significance in making this goal a reality.

Remarkably, the Dubai real estate sector concluded another exceptional year, as annual transactions reached an unprecedented AED 500 billion milestone for the first time. The sector’s noteworthy performance significantly advances the objectives of the Dubai Economic Agenda D33.

Women’s contributions in the real estate sector are multifaceted, extending beyond investments. Their involvement spans roles as developers, real estate brokers, and integral members of the workforce. Notably, women represent 34.8 percent of registered real estate brokers, with 4,519 women brokers contributing to 8,606 transactions valued at AED696 million. With women constituting 42 percent of the Dubai Land Department’s workforce, their instrumental roles are evident across various sectors and organisational levels, aligning with the department’s mandate.

In the tapestry of Dubai’s real estate landscape, women’s growing influence, regulatory safeguards, and steadfast commitment to gender equality converge, creating a vibrant and progressive environment poised for sustained growth and development.


Can women buy real estate in Dubai?

Absolutely, women can buy real estate in Dubai. The UAE offers equal property ownership rights for both genders, empowering women to invest and own property independently, contributing to the thriving real estate market.

What is the rule for women in Dubai?

Women in Dubai enjoy rights and opportunities equal to men. The UAE’s legal framework ensures gender equality in various aspects, including education, employment, property ownership, and participation in social and economic activities.

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